Orange Dental

Orange Dental is the name under which Dutch dentist Dr Rutger Baerends took over the dental practice from his compatriot Boudewijn Kesselring in early 2013. Michèle Kesselring, well-known to all our regular customers, stayed on as dental hygienist and assistant.

Orange Dental is a practice for regular dentistry. This type of dentistry is aimed at keeping your teeth healthy. In addition, we offer a number of dental speciality services.

We particularly focus on implantology and aesthetic (restorative) dentistry. Our aim is to provide long lasting solutions that most closely resemble nature. Examples are implants, full ceramic crowns and facings. Thanks to technological developments, new treatment methods and the use of advanced materials, these solutions are available and affordable to everyone and enable us to restore your confidence in yourself.

We specialize in endodontology (root canal treatments), periodontology (gum treatments) and maxillofacial surgery.


We use state-of-the-art treatment techniques and advanced top quality materials that guarantee durability and most natural.

Your well-being is our highest priority. All treatments are carried out in consultation with you. If necessary, or if you prefer, we use local anaesthetics to treat you painlessly. Thanks to modern-day sedation techniques you will not even feel the injection. Anxious patients receive special attention and guidance.

Collaboration with Clinica Dental Albir

Orange Dental closely collaborates with Clinica Dental Albir, the practice of Dutch dentist Adjan van Bergeijk. Because of this you are guaranteed high-quality dental assistance at all times, including during evenings and in the weekend.

Both practices offer similar as well as supplementary specialities. For example, Clinica Dental Albir provides orthodontic treatments which are all performed under the supervision of Dutch orthodontist Dr. Frank van Diggelen.
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We speak Dutch, Spanish, German and English.